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Once the dialog box opens, enter the cluster alias you want to manage.

If the tree view is populated, but the cluster you want to manage is not in the tree view, see Section 2.3. This opens a Windows Security Cluster Credentials dialog box that allows you to enter new credentials for administering the cluster.

You can also restore a backup and Validate if you're not able to open your data file.

When you receive a signed document, you may want to validate its signature(s) to verify the signer and the signed content.

Screenshots are taken from Professional version thus may slightly differ from other versions (e.g.

Home Edition, etc.): You have now succesfully configured Windows XP to connect to eduroam network.

In order to configure the connection back to Automatic, edit the eduroam profile, go to the Connection tab and check Connect when this network is in range: Figure 14: Setting Automatic connection [1] = If the Wireless Network Connection icon is not present, this may be due to the wireless network manager of your vendor's card taking over from Windows' built-in one (Wireless Zero Configuration).

Please refer to the documentation of your vendor's card in order to turn it off as this may interfere with the procedure here documented.

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